A Belated Look at Hollywood

I realize I should’ve written this post last year when the 2007 Academy Awards were held. But I just now saw the movie “No Country for Old Men.” I didn’t see it until now because the previews of the movie didn’t look inspiring or uplifting or frankly, even entertaining.

Well, I saw the movie two nights ago. It absolutely stunned me that the Motion Picture Academy voted this movie THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Absolutely stunned.

There was nothing redeeming about this movie. It was filled with one violent scene after another. The plot was incredibly weak. There were some moments of good acting, but the movie left my wife and I wondering how this movie won such a prestigious award.

It reminded me of the “Crying Game.” Another “Movie of the Year” winner with nothing redeeming, uplifting or truly entertaining.

I know, you’re asking, “why should I be stunned?” This IS how Hollywood works. They use their considerable resources over and over to produce violent films, films that degrade the human spirit and they do so with the utterly lame justification that they are simply “depicting life.” 

Yes, there are some great films that uplift and are genuine art forms. And I have no problem with a “Schindler’s List” or a “Saving Private Ryan” that do mirror the horrors mankind has wrought unto itself.

But the violence in “No Country for Old Men” was gratuitous, no more and no less. So much of what Hollywood throws our way is along these same lines.

Films can have an enormous impact on people, especially young people. They do not simply “mirror life,” they can also influence life.

I’ve heard many times that a large majority of Hollywood folks are very liberal in their political beliefs. But this post isn’t about the ideologies of the Hollywood crowd. It’s about the cultural statement the films make over and over and over.

Wait a second. Could there be a connection between their ideology and this cultural statement?

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