A Few Thoughts on This Wonderful Country of Ours

Over at Facebook, I don’t usually get very political. But I started a conversation that got the juices going for quite a few people. One person, a friend of mine growing up, was pretty startled by some of the “conservative” views being expressed.

So, I decided to cut loose and say a few things about this wonderful country of ours and where it’s headed. Here is a slightly edited version of that from the Facebook world:

As far as Obama goes, I think there are some things you don’t know about him. You’re pissed off that he’s not made good on his campaign promise about “don’t ask, don’t tell” – well, my friend, he has a litany of campaign promises he’s broken.

He promised transparency and TRUE bi-partisan rule. There is NOT ONE SINGLE Republican in these back door meetings to hammer out the final health care bill. Obama and his staff and others in Congress have demonized Republican concerns about health care. They’ve belittled the hundreds of thousands of people who have shown up at town hall meetings concerned about what’s going to happen to their health care.

Before Obama was elected, many things about his past came to light. His mentor growing up was a Communist. His stated and professed leanings in college was Marxism. His connections in Chicago were socialist and corrupt. Main stream media was not willing or eager to point out these and other key flaws in this man’s past. They overlooked them. If main stream media had worn its hat with vetting this president back when he was a candidate the way they so stridently do for every election, he wouldn’t have made it out of the primaries. Main stream media and its failings is a whole subject for another time, but it was really sad to see the country’s watch dog perform so poorly.

How about his voting record in Illinois? Or his voting record in the US Senate? His record shows extremely radical views. Is that how he ran for President?

No. He ran as a centrist. That’s how he got so many Independent votes. And where are all of those Independents now? They’re shocked at what he’s doing and that’s why his support has plummeted faster than any President since polls have been taken.

But there are some who are not surprised at what he’s doing because he made it clear in his books and in his connections and in his voting record what he believes in.

Then we begin to find people in his inner circle: the Czars who look to Chairman Mao for their inspiration. Last time I checked Mao murdered 60 million of his people.

And then there’s the small matter of what has Obama ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED prior to being the President? What has he actually DONE?

Has he run a business? No.

Has he run a city? A state? No.

He’s debated and voted on legislation. Well, correct that, in the Illinois Senate he actually voted “present” some 105 times instead of taking a side.

When he did take a side as an Illinois or US Senator, it was extremely liberal MOST of the time. EXTREMELY.

He did not run as an extreme liberal. He ran in the middle.

He won because of two things:

1) He was not George Bush.

2) He promised all manner of new government and he promised INCLUSIVENESS.

Well, he pulled off not being George Bush.

But he did not pull off the era of new government.

He promised to NEVER sign a bill that he didn’t go over line-by-line and get rid of the “pork.” Well, the stimulus bill was enormously laden with pork, but did the Prez come thru on that promise. Not remotely.

I could go on, but it’s tiring to list out the many things that Obama’s administration is doing that is not what the majority of Americans want.

This country is essentially a conservative and moderate country. By any competent survey, the liberal ideology is held by around 20% of Americans.

There are many, many, many Americans who previously did not involve themselves politically who are now very vocal about the direction Obama and a very liberal Congress is going. I haven’t seen this much pro-active involvement by grass roots Americans who are UNHAPPY with Washington. The last time was the Vietnam war. This scene today may not be as tangible as dissent to the Vietnam war was, but it’s very real to an ever-increasing number of Americans.

I’m not a Bush fan. I’m not a hard core Republican. I just don’t want my government making SO many decisions for our day-to-day life. And I am one of many who are very concerned about the enormous debt Congress and Obama are thrusting on our next generations. Yes, Bush played a part in that debt, but you DO NOT SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF A RECESSION.

Obama threatened the American people and Congress with the following notion: Sign the “Stimulus Bill right now, right now, and the jobless won’t go over 8%.” Well, the lackeys signed the bill WITHOUT READING IT and now we’re just under 10% unemployed with no immediate relief in sight. We’ve added millions of new unemployed because radical spending solutions to the economy don’t work. And they especially don’t work when the spending is mainly for government purposes.

You want new jobs? You want to stimulate the economy? Then make it EASIER, not harder for business to create the jobs. The health care bill, the cap and trade bill, even the stimulus bill MAKES IT HARDER TO CREATE REAL JOBS. Much harder.

Obama is not the guy he promised America he would be, but there are many who knew that all along.

I am really proud to be part of this incredible experiment that was put together back in 1776. The Founding Fathers KNEW certain things just didn’t belong to a government of, by and for the people. And, for the most part, we’ve been following that lead. From time to time, corrupt politicians have tried to torpedo those very lofty ideals, but we’re still here and we’re still kicking.

I think the United States is an exceptional country. Have we made mistakes? Sure. But when you look at what this country has done here AND on the world stage (often at tremendous expense and loss of life and with very little thanks), it’s mind-boggling that Obama would go out and criticize and apologize for America.

Oddly enough, Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian, helped to put my feelings into words. I cried when I read that.

(The above web page also lets you listen to the broadcast.)

Anyway, we’ve got some major challenges ahead. We are not going to handle them with ideology. And we won’t handle them by ignoring them. We’ve done both for too long.

I’ll give it to Obama and his radical peeps – their ultra radical approach has galvanized millions of Americans to stand up and say,


“Not here.”

“Not now.”

Some of these Americans may not know how to articulate exactly what they are feeling; some may be highly emotional when they communicate. What’s really important is the complacency is coming off and America does not want to be trashed. It doesn’t want to be trashed domestically or to others overseas. It doesn’t want its economy trashed or the finest health care system in the world trashed.

It wants to flourish. It wants to be in a position to help others flourish but not forced to do so.

It wants to be that beacon for so many it has been for so many years.


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