A Letter to Senator Reid

I just received an email from a friend of mine that contained a heartfelt letter he sent off to Senator Harry Reid. Here’s a copy of the letter:

Senator Harry Reid
528 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC  20510

December 6, 2009

Dear Senator Reid:
Please accept this heartfelt letter of thanks for your work on behalf of the Health Care Reform bill.  In the face of widespread voter opposition, I know you will stand fast on your principles.

I recognize that this is not easy to do.  The more voters find out about this bill and its implications, the more certain it becomes that many Senators who vote for its passage will be defeated in the next election.  These voters are not just angry, they are active!  They will work to defeat you with a zeal that has not been seen since our founding.

But I sense that you will not be swayed by voter sentiment.  You are ready to set aside personal aspirations in order to further the long-term party strategy.

You, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and other key members of the party have carefully calculated that the expansion of government into a full-blown welfare state will, in time, ensure an overwhelming majority of citizens who are completely dependent upon the government for all their essential needs. 

As the party of the needy and the disadvantaged, this can’t help but result in enormous future support for Democrats at all levels.  Needy people cannot afford to bite the government hand that feeds them.

What makes so many voters bitter is that they cling to the notion that you can’t really spend your way out of debt, and that this and other costly bills will bankrupt the nation and impoverish future generations.  But you and I know that this thinking is extremely shortsighted.  Sometimes you need to tear things down to fix them up.

Voters complain as well that you can’t squeeze millions more people into the health care system, reduce doctor compensation, cut back on Medicare, secure mental health parity, destroy the insurance industry and punitively tax the most productive among us, the “rich” people who create the jobs, without collapsing the whole mess.

But that is simple mathematics and economics, two subjects that have no place in politics.

So let me commend you, Senator, for swimming against the ugly tide of voter logic and sticking to your guns – no matter what.  You are a truly brave soul making the supreme sacrifice and we salute you.


M.T. Solari
Burbank, California

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