America…Too Big to Fail?

It has never occurred to me, until this year, that the United States of America may be so dramatically changed that we won't actually recognize it. It would be an America so weakened that it would not be able to protect itself. So weakened, it might not even be able to feed itself.

From a cultural perspective, a small segment of our society has been very busy trying to undermine our country in a variety of ways.

You see it in a continual degrade of public education. You see it in the drugging of millions of children with highly-addictive drugs. It's visible in the indoctrination of our children that there is really no "right" or "wrong." Higher education? Please! Elitist ideology is pervasive in the university class room.

This cultural decay is a huge problem. But it's not what why I wrote this post. What concerns me are the steps being taken by our Congress and President:

  • An $800,000,000 stimulus bill that promised the jobless rate would not go above 8% and we now have over 10% and climbing. A stimulus bill that virtually NO ONE even read. A piece of legislation loaded with special interests and payoffs.
  • A massive health care bill that again Congress is determined to jam down our throats and yes, they won't read the bill. Why read a bill that will dramatically change one sixth of our economy when you can read the Cliff Notes. No wait, why read the Cliff Notes, when Pelosi and Reid can tell you what the legislation is all about?
  • Our Congress and the President are spending enormous sums of money. Trillions. Trillions upon trillions. Borrow from the Chinese or just print it. How serious is this kind of spending? Hmm, have you been hearing of the possibility of a collapsed dollar lately?

How do I know our Congress is not really interested in TRULY turning around this enormous loss of jobs? Hold on to your chair…BECAUSE WE ARE LOSING MILLIONS OF JOBS! The simplest way to tell if someone really wants to fix something is to see what the result of their actions are.

It is so bloody simple to create jobs. And I don't mean temporary jobs or government jobs. You make it easier, much easier, for the people who can provide those jobs! This is not rocket science. I'm sorry, I've got to say it again: You make it easier, much easier, for the people who can provide those jobs!

Lowering taxes on the business sector? Dang! You mean, give every business more of their hard-earned income so they can hire more people? No, that couldn't work, could it? No, the way to make jobs more available is to find one way after another to tax the business sector, especially small business, where the vast majority of new jobs emanate. That makes sense. Tax the living daylights out of small business owners — they'll be sure to hire more and spend more to keep their existing staff. Right? Like I said, it's not rocket science. But our folks in Washington see it as a tremendously complex problem. The less you observe and confront what is right in front of you, the more complex things get.

You really want to boom the job market and turn this economy around?

Implement the Fair Tax.

But back to the main thrust of this post.

The aAngry-obamactions our Congress and President have taken and want to take will erode our economy and our financial standing in the world. And it will erode our ability to turn things around here at home.

But here's the REAL QUESTION? Isn't America just too big to fail? There's no way America could actually FAIL, is there?

That's certainly what I thought my entire adult life. Until this year.

Listen folks, this incredible experiment in personal liberty and limited government has only been around 230 some years. Grab a few history books. That's not all that long historically speaking. One "dynasty" after another failed. Even dynasties that lasted for many centuries failed.


Oppressive taxation.

Personal liberties denied.

Massive government.


The usual suspects.

See any of the above items permeating our current political scene?

America COULD fail.

And what would that failure look like?

Massive unemployment.

Massive foreclosures.

A potentially worthless dollar.


But wait! If that were to happen, there IS a solution that will be presented to us. Obama, if still in office, will offer this solution with tremendous compassion.

First he'll tell us this horrible place that America somehow got into was due to the actions of the previous administration. Trust me, it won't matter if it's 2-3 years from now, the blame will be placed elsewhere. Blaming others, besides lacking class, is downright anti-social.

The previous administration and Congress deserve some of the blame for sure. But Obama and the current Congress, if allowed to continue on this path, will be responsible for the lion's share. And I mean THE LION'S SHARE!

Then Obama will tell us we can get rid of the bread lines and the rioting if we work with the rest of the world, who of course also want to solve their crashed currencies and economic and social disaster.

Let's just put together a global government with a global currency, he'll say, and we'll get this thing turned around.

Here's the thing. Obama and his cohorts are not dummies. They know full well that the actions they're taking are not truly in the best interests of our country. They want to transform it.

Not a little, folks.


Ask yourself this question: if you want to radically transform a country, what's the easiest way to get the vast majority of people to go along with your radical objectives?

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.

Destroy it. 

As I said earlier, a cultural decay has been eating away at our country's traditional values for a few decades now.

Barney Frank-thumb-200x245-thumb-200x245But now, with the folks in Congress pushing this country into unsustainable debt, they can speed up the decay. And then calling your Senator or Congressman will mean absolutely nothing.

Why does Congress and the President feel such a "need for speed"? Because they hope to hell YOU won't wake up and see what's really going down. And if they can ram legislation through, regardless of its TRUE cost, then they will have accomplished their objective. Once again, why read the actual legislation when you know where it's headed?

Okay, I know this ascribes incredibly harsh motives to our President and certain members of the Senate and House.

My response to that is this:

Look, don't listen.

What are the results of their actions? Do we have that promised transparency? Do we have real change in Washington? Do we have politicians that truly care what the American people want?

Look, don't listen.

The erosion is there if you care to look. Our pals in Washington have a real shot at speeding up this erosion.

Bottom line?

It's up to us to set things straight. For now, calls and faxes and emails to our elected officials have some influence. The polls in 2010 can be incredibly influential.

We just need to make sure the speed demons haven't put us in a condition where it might be too late to fix it by late 2010, early 2011.

There are millions of Americans waking up to this scene. It's the most exciting thing about this experiment called America…the people still have the power. Let's make sure we exercise it now and often before it's too late.

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  1. Jeff O. says:

    This is a superb analysis and game plan. “Look, don’t listen”. That one phrase could turn the tide against this “transformation”.

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