Ladies, Can We Talk?

This new book was essentially written for women, but guys would probably benefit from reading it as well. From the book’s web site: Ladies, Can We Talk? is an empowering message to women—encouraging all of us to embrace our role as leaders in America, now and in the future. This book inspires women to recognize […] Read more »

Respecting the Religious Beliefs of Others Versus Thuggery

After the killing of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya (and three others) and the storming of the American embassy in Egypt, people are looking to lay blame. Some are saying those who create material (art, writings, etc.) offensive to other people’s religions should have some culpability for these violent acts. Of course we should respect […] Read more »

Michael Prell States the Case

The following is from Michael Prell, author of the book, "Underdogma." "During the GOP debate last Thursday, Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was asked, “as president, would you be submissive to your husband?” Why was she asked such a question? Because, as a Christian, Mrs. Bachmann had previously espoused the belief that a wife should be […] Read more »

The Young Cometh!

I just started reading “Defining Conservatism.” It’s written by Jonathan Krohn. He’s fourteen years old. He’s been an active conservative since he was ten.     Well, perhaps he was active even earlier. I have this idea that if you’re brought up with a good set of moral values and you understand (and apply) the concept […] Read more »