The Lessons of The Lone Star State

I’m reposting this article from Dallas radio personality Mark Davis shares the secrets of Texas’ success story in his new book “Lone Star America: How Texas Can Save Our Country.” Townhall: Why did you write “Lone Star America?” Davis: There have been a lot of books written about Texas, some by people who like […] Read more »

More and More Blacks Running for Congress…as Republicans!

The first 30 seconds involve Keith Olberman, who is very hard to watch, but hang in for the rest! Read more »

THE Way to Handle the Mainstream Media

  To some, maybe many of you, this is going to sound simplistic. I will agree it is indeed simple, but often the most powerful things in life are very simple. I only ask that you bear with me and read all the way through. I hear over and over: “The mainstream media is so […] Read more »

Canada and Australia Debt Free?

I have never reposted another article in full here or really on any of my blogs, but I am blown away by what is in this article, written by Austin Hill. Here it is: Vice President Joe Biden announced two days ago that the American people agree with the Democrat party “on every major […] Read more »

A Montage of Obamacare Lies Exposed

Here is a very simple way our Republican leaders can respond to the onslaught of untruths, deception and corruption associated with liberal policies and liberal policy-makers: “Mr. President, you are lying again.” “Senator Reid, there you go again. You’re lying.” “Ms. Pelosi, as you have so many times before, you are simply lying.” Get it […] Read more »

Elbert Guillory Strikes Again!

In an earlier post, Elbert Guillory announced that he was leaving the Democratic Party to become a Conservative Republican. He gave a list of compelling reasons for his change of heart. This video follows Mr. Guillory to his next phase in political life. I really like this guy! Read more »

Democratic Senator Becomes a Republican

The words of Senator Elbert Guillory are powerful. They are moving. And they shed a bright light on a simple truth. I’ll let him say the rest: Read more »

Ladies, Can We Talk?

This new book was essentially written for women, but guys would probably benefit from reading it as well. From the book’s web site: Ladies, Can We Talk? is an empowering message to women—encouraging all of us to embrace our role as leaders in America, now and in the future. This book inspires women to recognize […] Read more »