More and More Blacks Running for Congress…as Republicans!

The first 30 seconds involve Keith Olberman, who is very hard to watch, but hang in for the rest! Read more »

Trey Gowdy and The Press Conference That Went Viral

This 3 minute video has over 3 million views. It crystallizes for millions of Americans the UNANSWERED questions about Benghazi. The video is of a press conference in October of 2013. Fast forward to May 2014, those same questions are STILL unanswered. It sure looks like Trey Gowdy was the right choice to chair the […] Read more »

Judge Jeanine: “Mr. President, You Have NOT Protected Us!”

Judge Jeanine makes a strong statement here. I can’t find fault with any of it. Watch the latest video at Read more »

Romney’s Closing Argument

It’s nice to see someone who can speak well and actually back up their words. Contrast how our current President has fared: Read more »

Mitt Romney Can Be Very, VERY Funny

Here is Mitt Romney’s 10 minute monologue at the 2012 Al Smith dinner. Read more »

President Obama’s “Other” Speech

This video just aired on the Daily Caller web site. From the Daily Caller site: Obama gave the speech in the middle of a hotly-contested presidential primary season, but his remarks escaped scrutiny. Reporters in the room seem to have missed or ignored his most controversial statements. The liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan linked to what […] Read more »

Paul Ryan’s Speech to the Values Voters Summitt

Brevity, clarity and a strong dose of sincerity: Read more »

Dislodging the Liberals’ Positioning

The marketing term “positioning” is all about commanding a “position” in the mind of the customer or prospect.. A VERY important liberal campaign position goes like this: “Do you really want to give the power back to the guys who got us into this mess in the first place?” The all-too-often response is, “Well, this […] Read more »