Public Unions and the Rest of Us

Here’s a short video from Prager University that you could share with your liberal buddies: Read more »

Get the Hell Out of My Life!

A close friend of mine told me the Republican candidates are not strong enough. I asked him what he meant by “strong enough.” “Well,” he said, “no one, except for the ocassional Newt outburst to a debate host, is stating our case strongly enough.” I said, “Are you saying there’s not enough emotion behind the […] Read more »

Message to Occupy Wall Streeters: “Bring it!”

You gotta love the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  They make it SO easy for the rest of us. They show up and protest. This is good. We cherish having the right to protest. We love when anyone exercises this right. But with the Occupy crowd, things started getting a bit rough around the edges. The […] Read more »

Recent Wisdom from Rush Limbaugh

I get a daily email from Rush Limbaugh with highlights from his show, and a friend sent me this excerpt from his show recently, about unions and why people who work on union jobs think the way they do. This is one of the brightest things I've seen about the whole union controversy recently, and […] Read more »

The Divide Between the Public Sector and the Private Sector

By John Eberhard The recent confrontation between the Wisconsin Governor and GOP, and the public employee unions has highlighted the huge divide between the public sector and the private sector. First let’s talk about the yawning gap between the average pay of public and private sector employees. USA Today reported in March 2010 that federal […] Read more »