Dislodging the Liberals’ Positioning

The marketing term “positioning” is all about commanding a “position” in the mind of the customer or prospect..

A VERY important liberal campaign position goes like this: “Do you really want to give the power back to the guys who got us into this mess in the first place?”

The all-too-often response is, “Well, this is what we’re going to do different. And, by the way, the current President hasn’t done so and so.”

Wrong response.

Next to no one, except a few conservative talk show hosts, challenge the position directly. The actual truth is not that difficult to communicate: If you give tens of thousands of people a mortgage they cannot repay, somewhere up the line there’s gonna be big trouble. A LOT of voters can handle that concept. Yes, there’s more to it, but this starts the process of dislodging the position.

It’s a myth that the financial collapse was the fault of one President or even one party. If, every time a liberal repeats this myth, one counters with a simple dose of the truth, that liberal position will weaken. And in the minds of more and more Americans, the fear that liberals spent hundreds of millions putting there will also weaken. In many cases it will disappear.


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