Congressman Linder and Obama’s State of the Union

Over at Congressman John LInder’s web site, he said the following in response to Obama’s State of the Union:

“It is time to lead.  To continue to blame the Bush Administration for our nation’s economic woes lacks class.  The dramatic spending increases came, not from President Bush’s eight years in office, but from President Obama’s one year in office.  As unemployment levels continue above 10% and the middle class shrinks, it is time for this Administration to look within and accept responsibility for its own failed policies.  Only then can we begin to work together and enact real change for the better.

“…I was personally offended with his attack on partisanship by Republicans.  Specifically, he ridiculed the senate filibuster that was used so effectively by his side when in the minority.  I could not help but think of the comment he made when the Republican Leadership was included in a discussion of the stimulus package last spring.  He allowed them to begin to offer a different approach and then dismissively cut them off with this comment; ‘We won.'” 

Read the rest of Congressman Linder’s response here. By the way, Congressman Linder is the primary sponsor in getting the Fair Tax implemented. Now that’s a move Obama could make that would turn around this country and his Presidency. 

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