From David Limbaugh – How Dare Arizonans Try to Protect Themselves!

"Isn't it interesting that the people yelling the loudest about the imminent racial profiling that will occur under the new Arizona law are the very ones who are profiling the tea party protestors as domestic terrorists?"


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One thing I observed with this whole ordeal: 

The Arizona law is only sixteen pages. I'd estimate 99% of those protesting it haven't read one page of it. Okay, I'm probably being generous.

Now the health care bill, what was that? Twenty-three hundred pages? And one of our fearless leaders whose first name is Nancy, proclaimed we "need to pass the bill to find out what is in it." Oh, here's the video:

Look at that smile on her face. She seems so chipper about the logical sequence of what she just uttered. You gotta love it.

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