Get the Hell Out of My Life!


A close friend of mine told me the Republican candidates are not strong enough. I asked him what he meant by “strong enough.”

“Well,” he said, “no one, except for the ocassional Newt outburst to a debate host, is stating our case strongly enough.”

I said, “Are you saying there’s not enough emotion behind the words?”

“Yes, that’s part of it.”

I went on, “Do you want someone to be more forceful about the damage being done to our country by the radical left?”

“Yes, yes, absolutely. Our candidates are making good points here and there but most of the time they are being made intellectually. ‘Well, there’s X number more people in poverty now, more folks using food stamps, more unemployed,’ and that’s good stuff, but it doesn’t really impinge.”

When I asked him what he meant by “impinge,” he said “we need to make a much stronger impact with our message. We’re making progress getting our message out there, but we need to increase the intensity. We need to increase the impact.”

I thought about our conversation and today, I realized EXACTLY what we should be saying to make that impact. It’s short, sweet AND yes, it has impact. Without a drum roll, it’s simply:


I called my friend and told him this and he said, “yeh, get the hell out of my wallet!”

I said, “sure, sure, it’s definitely a wallet thing, but this is much deeper, much more pervasive. They’ve invaded so many areas of our life, it’s time we simply told them:


Picture thousands of Tea Party members, having a very peaceful rally somewhere. Washington D.C. perhaps, or even Springfield, Illinois. Mind you, they’ll get a permit to conduct a very peaceful rally. They won’t commit a litany of crimes against each other and the local area. They won’t blather on about class warfare and they won’t beg for handouts. And they’ll more than likely clean up after themselves.

But I digress.

Picture a few thousand Tea Party members having their peaceful gathering and then, all at once, they break into a chant:

“Get the hell out of my life!”

“Get the hell out of my life!”

Tea Party aside, folks, there are millions…MILLIONS of Americans who want the progressive, left-wing, radical, liberal world OUT OF THEIR LIFE!

We don’t mind government. We want it to carry out the purpose our Founders put in place.

We want it limited.

We don’t want them spending our children and grandchildren into oblivion.

We want the power pushed DOWN to the states and local municipalities.

We don’t want teachers indoctrinating our kids with liberal think. We do NOT want liberal bias in the classroom! Frankly, we don’t want any bias in the classroom.

We do not want our newspapers giving us tainted news. We want them to deliver…wait for it…ACTUAL journalism.

We don’t want to be told what to eat. What light bulbs to use. What cars to buy.

We don’t want to be fined if we don’t buy what the government insists we buy.

We don’t want radicals governing us. ANYWHERE.

May I say as a personal note regarding the massive government, the massive bureaucracy, and to the people who work daily on increasing the government’s size and power, may I simply say:


It’s not just about government.

I want you out of my schools.

I want you out of my judicial system.

I want you out of my health care.

I want you out of the workplace. Let me rephrase that: get the hell out of the workplace.

Get out of the energy business. You’re actually making it HARDER to come up with alternative fuels by forcing the market place to do your bidding.

Oh, I forgot to mention: people genuinely DETEST when you use fear as a political weapon. We know you believe ‘the ends justify the means.’ History has proven over and over and over again that your end game is brutal. Well, not brutal for those in charge, just brutal on the rest of those who gave up one liberty after another.

All in all, I want you off of the power grid in every way that power manifests. You siphon power from the individual to the state, your programs reduce personal responsibility, your carrots end up with less able people.

Simply stated, I want you to…


And this November, voters from every nook and cranny for many, many, MANY different elected positions are going to say:


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