Google and Hillary Clinton – Corrupt Bedfellows

I saw an article indicating Google was skewing results to favor Hillary Clinton. I found it very hard to believe. So I tried it myself.

Today is August 5, 2016 and I did four searches on Google and four identical searches on Bing.

You know how the search engines will “suggest” results for you as you’re typing? Well, I put in Hillary Clinton i (just the letter “i” after Hillary Clinton’s name) and here is what Google suggested:

Google I

I then did the same at Bing. Here is what Bing suggested:

Bing I

Then I typed in Hillary Clinton in (just the letters “in” after her name) and here is what Google suggested:

Google In

Bing with same two letters “in” after Hillary Clinton:

Bing In

Google with the letters “ind” after the name Hillary Clinton:

Google Ind


Bing Ind

And just for the hell of it, I typed in the letters “indi” after the name Hillary Clinton and Google provided this:

Google Indi

And yes, as you can imagine, Bing’s didn’t change much with “indi” added after her name:

Bing Indi

Wow. Google altering search engine results to favor their desired candidate. The above images are what most folks call: “a smoking gun.”

Try it for yourself. Try different searches.

What an incredible abuse of power. I shouldn’t really use the word “incredible” though, should I?

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