How Do They Get Away With It?

That’s a question I keep asking myself.

The Treasury Secretary evaded paying his taxes and now has been caught lying about the AIG bonuses. How does he get away with keeping his job? How did he get way with being offered the job?

How does Dodd get away with his stream of deceptions?

How do liberal Democrats who for years pushed the housing market into an untenable direction…how do they get away with taking ZERO responsibility for where we are right now?

How do they get away with pushing this country trillions of dollar into further debt, spending money on MANY programs we don’t need that will NOT really stimulate our economy?

How does the Prez get away with promising NO MORE EARMARKS and then signs into legislation a bill with over 8,500 earmarks?

And how will they get away with whatever version of the Fairness Doctrine they come up with when they turn their attention to undermining conservative talk radio?

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. They get away with it simply because they know they can get away with it.

Let me say that again:

They get away with it, because they know know they can get away with it.

Some of them point to the “mandate” they were given in the last two elections.

Some of them point to the popularity of Obama, though waning some, is still very high.

Some of them believe their positions in office are invincible. Keep promising free health care, free college tuition, free housing, free (fill in the blank) and you’ll have a huge block of votes. Keep positioning the “rich” as an evil in our society that must be righted, and you’ll have another chunk of votes. I could throw another 10-15 items into this paragraph, but you get the idea. Oh, don’t forget giving the vote to 12 million illegal aliens.

Anyway, I think it’s that simple. People get away with things sometimes because they know they can.

…and because not enough people stood up and told them, “No.”

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