I’ll Go Ahead and Predict a Landslide

Whitehouse Was the election in Nov 2010 a fluke?

Did the folks who voted a seismic shift in the House go back to their lives, hoping things will now just get better?

Are most Americans unwilling to persevere in staying active, staying in touch, and most importantly, making the REST of the changes necessary to fix our country?

I think some of us may be worrying over the above questions. And fair enough. People pretty much want to be left alone and as long as their government doesn't harshly impact on them, they'll go about their business without getting "involved" with politics.

But these are different days. A slow process of eroding our country has been ongoing for some time now. But then something happened in the last 2-3 years.

Obama decided to "screw the slow process."  Even though it was working for them to slowly, insidiously permeate politics, education, media, justice and other areas of American life, Obama wanted to be "the man." His arrogance was so great, he decided to ram things down our throat.

He figured he could ride the wave to the very top. The top of what, I'm not sure. But his egotism and arrogance and desire to speed up the "takeover" blew up in his face. And in the faces of many others who espouse his ideology.

These guys had it made. They had inserted their ideology and methods into so many areas of our lives, we didn't even know our way of life had been so deeply compromised. 

And then Nov 2010 happened. 


Not in the slightest.

Sleeping giant These guys didn't just awaken a sleeping giant. They put an entire case of smelling salts under the sleeping giant's nose!

The folks looked around and realized it wasn't just about politics in Washington DC. In fact, it wasn't just about politics. They realized their very culture was under attack. 

And the folks got educated and active. Then more educated and more active. They spoke out. They showed up. They voted.

Yes, Obama will be voted out in 2012. And it will be by a landslide. But it's not just about who is in the White House. It's about ordinary Americans realizing they live in the best country this planet has ever seen and they're no longer willing to let others weaken it, subvert it, and yes, try to destroy it.

The folks know we've got a real shot here. A real turning point in our country's history. Yes, we can step up to the plate with local elections. Absolutely. And we will. We can also show up at school board meetings and make our views known. And we are. We can go and confront the professor or teacher who's passing on his ideological drivel to our children. 

We can also sit down with our children and share our values with them so they'll be so knowledgeable of what's right and what's wrong, attempts to lead them to faulty and corrupt thinking will be met with, "Oh, I'm sorry, were you talking to me?"

What causes affluences are still capable of causing affluences. I'm talking here about the affluence of ideas and culture and yes, the economic prosperity our country has enjoyed since its founding. Yes, we've had some tough times. But which country compels millions to want to relocate to it? Legally and illegally. 

Log cabin And what caused these affluences?

Rugged individualism, self-reliance, limited government, a strong family unit, unbiased and effective education, free markets and throw in some real values and morals.

You'll notice every single one of those areas has been under siege. They've not always been under siege and it hasn't always been obvious.

But, and here's the most important part of this post:

They are under siege by a MINORITY

Let's take this opportunity to remove their tentacles from our way of life, EVERYWHERE WE SEE THEM.

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  1. David says:

    Good points. I very much hope you’ll be proven right. I agree things aren’t looking up for Obama’s reelection. I am, however, a bit cautious after having reviewed poll numbers for former presidents at this time in their reelection bids: Clinton’s and Bush #2’s polls have been about as disastrous as they currently seem for Obama.
    Moreover, the globalist cabal to which Obama belongs is hard at work causing revolutions and chaos in Europe, middle east and north Africa.
    The U.S. is their next target.
    As loyal students of Saul Alinsky, they know his playbook very well (Obama taught a course in Alinsky’s tactics). In order to “fundamentally change the Unites States of America” (Obama’s own stated purpose), they need to create fear and chaos with people refusing to replay their loans and street demonstrations to collapse the economy. We’ll then run to them for help and allow them to grab whatever power they want just to make the nightmare go away and restore stability.
    Please see (and listen): http://www.theblaze.com/stories/revealed-the-lefts-economic-terrorism-playbook-the-chase-campaign-for-a-coalition-of-unions-community-groups-lawmakers-and-students-to-take-down-us-capitalism-and-redistribute-wealth-power/
    How soon will that take place and what effect will it have on the elections? I hope enough of us will see through the obvious and vote out this deadly, criminal regime.
    This will be a very interesting year.

  2. Stan Dubin says:

    Yes, the year will be most interesting, David. I’m going to put my money on the folks pulling through and throwing an enormous number of the bad apples out. On all levels.

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