Introduction to Common Sense Government Views

by John Eberhard
President of

Common Sense Government Views is a new blog containing conservative political views, formed with the intent of bringing factual data to the current political debate, which suffers in 2009 from an acute lack of candor and a surplus of disingenuousness. We do not believe "We are all socialists now." We are not and we will fight efforts to turn the United States into a socialist country.

I have been engaged in education of the public on political issues, with a web site, an email newsletter, and a blog Common Sense Government Blog, for the past five years. During that time I have written extensively about the failings of liberalism and socialism, the extreme liberal bias of the mainstream news media, the professors in higher education, and celebrities in Hollywood, and the effects of the culture wars, among other topics..

On this blog I am engaging the services of several other writers as well, who will also write on conservative topics.

One thing that has caused me to form this blog is the breathtaking speed at which the Obama administration is taking unprecedented socialistic steps of such magnitude that it is hard to believe.

For instance, within the $800 billion “porkulus” bill, the Democratic Party leadership have basically repealed all of the welfare reform enacted in the 1990s by the Republican congress and signed by Bill Clinton, reform by the way that has lowered the number of people on the welfare rolls, and has rolled back the “on welfare for life” culture. Now according to what I just read in Phyllus Schlaffly’s column, that has been repealed. And of course you don’t even hear about it in the media.

And Obama has stated that the so-called “stimulus” bill, only 7% of which will actually enter the economy in this year, is “only the beginning.”

I saw information on another bill that is making its way through Congress right now that is a complete and total illegal immigrant amnesty program. It’s like an illegal immigrant proponent’s wet dream, just beyond belief.

I could go on and on. But the point is, the liberal left has been going further and further left and further and further radical in recent years. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are so much more incredibly radical left than Bill Clinton, or the Democratic leadership the last time they were in power.

I have been seeing signs that there is a sizable segment of the population that is in shock over what has been happening and is getting mad as hell. Michele Malkin wrote of three protests over theporkulus bill that occurred in different parts of the country over the last week. I have seen lots of petitions. Citizen anger is starting to swell up.

Of course, the population didn’t know what they were getting when they voted for Obama, in part because his rhetoric was very general but also because the mainstream news media was so in the tank for him and they defended him and made sure not to report his more radical positions on things. So it’s not surprising that as the Obama administration lurches immediately and radically to the left, that the population (including Wall Street) is starting to get alarmed.

So that brings me to what this group can do. I think this group has a potential power that we do not even realize. I think that if we got really organized and started disseminating our own conservative messages, and bringing more like-minded people on board, it could have a really big impact.

So the purpose of this blog is to continue the educational writing that I have been doing on my web site, newsletter and blog, and just turn up the volume by having multiple authors and more frequent posts.  

Plus, blogging is very powerful. Since I have been running two blogs for my Internet marketing business with at least one blog post per week, sometimes more, and sending out a notification to the blog search engines each time I write a new post, I am getting more traffic to my website than from any other single source.

None of this is to say that other actions should not be taken or that we couldn’t do other things too, like circulating or even starting petitions, organizing letter or email drives to Congress, organizing protest events or marches, or other things.

But the point is, my intention is to take the passionate communication I have seen from this group of writers that I have been associated with and channel it all in one direction, and get the volume of communication going out to a higher level, I think we can really do something. And for God’s sake the country really needs it right now. If we just let these guys go they will drive the country into the ground before the next election.

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