John Chambers Bio

John Chambers is too busy with his grandchildren to deal with politics or government. 

True enough, when he was twelve, his father pulled him aside and declared little Johnny would not waste this summer.  John was sat down with a copy of the US Constitution and one of those Composition books with the black-and-white squiggly covers.  On the left-hand page, he was to write the original text of the Constitution and on the facing page, a Modern English translation.  Two months later, the task was done and his delighted Pop asked Johnny what he’d like as a present for actually finishing the job.  “A week at the Smithsonian,” answered little Johnny without a moment of hesitation.  His Pop delivered it, too.

That might have started Johnny on a path of Constitutional scholarship but any hope in that direction was dashed in the California public university system.

At age nineteen, John was invited to a “political discussion group” which turned out to be a teaching assistant explaining the theory of Communism and its inevitability.  John stood up and declared “it will not work that way,” strode to the front of the room, took the chalk from the “teacher” and proceeded to show that the Communist dream cannot take place as long as there is a Middle Class.  "Therefore,” he said, turning to the teacher, “for you to win, you must destroy the middle class.”   Turning back to the dozen or so 19 and 20 year olds in this “discussion” group, he saw the children of the middle class, dressed in love beads and dungarees and work boots.  Here they were, the future of the middle class, yearning to be Proletariat.  John put down the chalk and walked out, knowing the battle was lost.

Years went by, John worked in shipyards and factories and office buildings, was active in his church and its educational ministry.  At one school, a couple of the kids asked, “Do you know anything about the Constitution?” From that innocent question, John worked with the kids and put together a course and Constitution Study Guide  A student from John’s City College course suggested John might want to listen to Rush Limbaugh. 
John still writes software for labor unions but what became apparent to him is that the Citizenry is no longer doing its job.  It doesn’t know what its ‘hat’ is.  Doesn’t even know it has a hat!   Here is one ( ) along with a few other essays John Chambers has written.

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