John Eberhard Bio

John Eberhard is a marketing consultant, author, and political analyst living in the Los Angeles area. Over the last 30 years John has closely watched the political trends and activities on the state and national level. John has been engaged in education of the public on political issues, with a web site, an email newsletter, and a blog Common Sense Government Blog, for the past five years. During that time he has written extensively about the failings of liberalism and socialism, the extreme liberal bias of the mainstream news media, the professors in higher education, and celebrities in Hollywood, and the effects of the culture wars, among other topics.

After being raised in a liberal home, and voting for Jimmy Carter in 1980, John’s political philosophy began leaning decidedly toward the right.

“I began to see how liberalism was first of all penalizing the people who worked and produced in our society by taking money away from them and then redistributing it to others who didn’t work. But it also occurred to me that liberalism was not really helping the recipients of this income redistribution either. The concept of ‘liberal compassion’ is a complete hoax, because when you give someone these free benefits, you rob him of any incentive to work or get educated for a job or career, which are the very things he needs to do to get ahead and be independent, and you make that person dependent on the state. I decided I had to take an active role in spreading the conservative philosophy,” stated Eberhard.

John has worked for 25 years in the Marketing/Market research/Advertising/PR field for a variety of companies and clients, including software, insurance, real estate, business consulting, and publishing. He founded and is President of Real Web Marketing Inc., a company servicing clients across he U.S. was founded in September, 2003.

John’s political articles have been published on and other sites.