Karl Rove With an Inside Look

Rove Karl Rove wrote an article over at FoxNews.com that described President Barack Obama's "private musings while waiting to be introduced at an American Jobs Act event." Here's the first few paragraphs of this article:

Pass this bill.

I admit it’s not “yes, we can,” but it gets the crowd chanting. Said it 18 times before Congress, 12 times in the Rose Garden, 24 in Raleigh, 18 in Richmond, 18 in Columbus. Maybe I'll set a new record today. 

The dirty secret is I don’t really want to pass this bill. Like that historian told my senior advisors, I can’t win re-election by emphasizing what I’ve done. Better to run against a do-nothing Congress, Harry Truman-style. I do wish the House Republicans would stop passing stuff though.

Head on over and read the rest of this article. It's hilarious on one level and most likely completely accurate on another.


[Special note: I'm trying to figure out how Karl Rove got close enough to the Prez to do a Vulcan Mind Meld.]

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