Ladies, Can We Talk?

This new book was essentially written for women, but guys would probably benefit from reading it as well.

From the book’s web site:

Ladies, Can We Talk? is an empowering message to women—encouraging all of us to embrace our role as leaders in America, now and in the future. This book inspires women to recognize our influence on our country’s future, through our power in the voting booth, and our increased participation in the national political conversation. No more being silenced by political correctness! LCWT inspires women to consider the conservative view in American politics, and shares facts, figures and real-life stories of other women’s lives made better and richer by the greatness of America’s opportunities and commitment to freedom and free markets.

Ladies, Can We Talk? motivates women to decline the invitation of the American Left to support bigger government and increased dependence by women on government. The message resonates with women of all ages, and is designed to inspire women with information, confidence and optimism about America’s future.

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