I Predict a Landslide

I believe Romney will win in a landslide.

I believe the polls are virtually useless for this election.

I believe there are millions upon millions of Americans who never get polled but have become very certain they will make their way to the polling booth to cast their ballot. And many of them will make sure their friends and families vote.

I believe¬†a massive number of Americans have been awakened by the disruptive politics of the last few years. If the radical left had just moved along quietly and insidiously as they had been for decades, they would’ve captured more ground and most of America would continue to stay relatively dormant.

Drunk with power, they chose a different route and completely underestimated how many Americans are out here who find their ideology distasteful and even oppressive. Many of these Americans were willing to just keep on keepin’ on but the narcissism and truly deep-seated corruption woke them up.

A landslide will occur.

I will not be surprised if CA and NY go red.

I will not be surprised if there are 55 senators with an “R” next to their name.

I don’t need to tell you to get out and vote. There are countless millions who just can’t wait to.

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