Madam, Here Is Your BLUE Car!

Many years ago, I tried my hand at selling cars. I worked for about a month at a Chrysler dealership in the great state of Maryland.

One Saturday morning the owner of the dealership gave us a "pep talk" on HOW to sell a car to someone. The first part of his advice centered on the relationship of picking up girls to selling cars. 

He felt he was getting some agreement from some in the sales room (not yours truly), so he went on to tell us how HE sells a car,

"Listen, everyone, selling cars is very simple. A lady walks onto the showroom floor and says, 'I want a blue car!' She doesn't really care what the car can do, how much it costs, she just wants a blue car.

Pink car

"So I walk her around the lot and I stop abruptly at a car that is clearly NOT a blue car. I point to it and say, 'Madam, here is your blue car!' And that people, is how you sell cars!"

This is a great example of how The Left operates. They figure if they just keep telling people that the pink car is blue, that more and more folks will believe them.  

They know they have the help of the media, education and Hollywood to convince people that the pink car is in fact blue. Most people don't care if you run that kind of perverted reasoning on them AS LONG AS YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE.

But when you come into their house and into their place of business and encroach on one too many of their Constitutionally-granted rights and freedoms, then something very peculiar will happen.

They'll start paying attention to the "pink car/blue car" garbage and they'll form Tea Parties. 

And then they'll get a bit more educated.

And more concerned.

More aware.

More active.

The Left will try even harder, yell even louder, "This is your BLUE car!!"

But it won't matter. The cow is out of the barn. Review your history. Every movement truly antipathetic to our country's core principles has come and gone. 

With the hard work of an ever-growing number of Americans, the movement that tells us 'the pink car is blue' will vanish. Not overnite. Not next week or next month. But they know their days are numbered and they are trying desparately to keep their power lines together.

They're also trying to figure out what went wrong, where did all of these Americans come from that disagree so vigorously with their agenda.

Big Lib, they've always been there. In enormous numbers.

You woke them up.

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