New Book: “Tea Party The Awakening”

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I heard Brent Morehouse being interviewed on one of the many conservative talk shows. His book “Tea Party The Awakening” is available on the Kindle and will soon be available as a hardback. 

Amazon let’s you download a sample of any Kindle book they have and they are often quite substantial. I read it over and found it invigorating. The table on the left gives a brief idea of the similarities between the Tea Party of the 1770s and today’s Tea Party. (You can click on the table and it should produce an easier-to-read image)

One thing that was mentioned in Brent’s book is that both Tea Parties experienced an enormous increase in educating themselves:

“It is true, both then and now, that the first phase of the movements were rooted in anger and frustration. There is plenty to be angry about. However, today, the lost story about the Tea Party movement is that it is an Educational Movement. This is what I call phase two of the movement and is the most ignored fact about today’s movement.”

Brent goes on to mention the types of reading material Tea Partiers are availing themselves of. Basic, basic stuff. 

I agree with Brent’s analysis wholeheartedly. It’s one thing to be angry and frustrated. And quite another to KNOW what this country was founded on and HOW to return it to those principles. 

Angry mobs can be dealt with by folks desperately holding onto their seats of power. Educated and angry? Not so easy.

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