New Evidence Regarding Benghazi

This may be old news to some, but for me, it's something that has deeply bothered me about my country, and now new first hand witnesses are coming forward with what I KNEW could've been done.

When I heard what happened in Benghazi, and I heard that it took place over a nine hour stretch AND I realized NO ONE could've known how long the attack on our consulate would go, I realized something was not quite right. 

Four Americans, including our Ambassador were killed that night.

So, if it was nine hours long and if no one could really know how long it was going to play out, WHY DIDN'T OUR COUNTRY COME TO THEIR RESCUE? We were told we just didn't have the "assets in place." Refueling ships were not in the area. Blah, blah, blah. We were told a number of things that did NOT add up.

Are you telling me the most powerful military in the world could not have helped in any way whatsoever?

Well, as it turns out, we most certainly could have helped. A new witness has come forward. He was part of a fighter jet squadron that was ordered onto the runway. Hearing him communicate how frustrated and how deeply saddened he was to not be able to save lives, when he was totally in a position to do so is not only heart wrenching, it turns my stomach what politicians were willing to do to win an election.

This witness said he (and his squadrom) were at Aviano air base in northern Italy. He said they could've easily refueled in Sigonella, Italy (near the southern tip) AND they could've been there in 3 hours.

Three hours!!

And he said they could've taken out the mortar attack and saved lives.

Three hours!!

He was in his plane, fueled and armed. Ready to go. And then told to "stand down."

We're told we had no assets in place. What a friggin' cover up.

Another witness who was part of Delta Special Forces not far from the consulate said THEY could've been there in time to help and most certainly could've gathered intel to help go after the attackers.

Our people were delayed in even getting there AFTER the attack...and the attackers disappeared into the wind. It was days before we even went to the scene.


An election was upon us. A story line from Obama and Clinton and others in the Obama administration was being told to the American people. The story was:

"Al Queda is on the run. We've done it! We are victorious! Keep us in office and we'll keep you safe."

An Al Queda attack on our embassy would've gone right into the teeth of that story and perhaps changed the course of an election.

So, what to do?

Well, lie about what happened. It was just a video. This lie was perpetrated by Susan Rice on five, count them, five different Sunday talk shows. It was perpetrated by Clinton who even told that to the family survivors right fucking next to their coffins. And it was told by Obama on national TV and at the UN.

It took an awful lot of work, but finally written evidence surfaced that they ALL knew it was an attack that had NOTHING to do with a video. AND THEY KNEW IT AT THE TIME OF THE ATTACK!

What to do next?

Lie about whether we could've come to their aid. Cover it up as long as possible so it becomes a footnote or part of an Congressional investigation down the road that very few people will hear about. And from which evidence was withheld and suppressed.

And, this is the most important transgression: they could've helped these people and they chose NOT to. A deliberate intention to let them fend for themselves. And then...

Cover it up. Cover it up.

When leaks come out, threaten the folks who want the truth to get out and then...

Cover it up some more.

That is so, so despicable. Life is lost every day. I know that. But these lives did not have to be sacrificed to win an election. It was a real degrade to what America has stood for in the world and I hope every one connected to this horrible display of gutlessness gets theirs at some point, in some way. Karma can be a bitch even for the elites amongst us who consider their power to be above all inspection and accountability.

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