New Media Alliance TV – Conservative Video Site

by John Eberhard

This got emailed to me today, a press release about a new video site specifically for conservative news. Check out the site. It looks very interesting.


Heritage New Media Partners Launch “New Media Alliance Television” – NMA TV

Heritage New Media Partners, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of “New Media Alliance Television” (, an innovative video website with exclusive, cutting edge conservative content.

"A couple of years ago, conservative columnist Bob Parks approached me out of frustration when one of his video productions was removed within minutes from a prominent video upload site for ‘inappropriate content’ that was political", said NMA President Gary Schneider, describing how this exciting new site came to be.

“Bob and I brainstormed on how we could uniquely and effectively get our messages out to an American people starved for alternative sources of information. The result of these discussions is NMATV.”

NMATV, unlike some of the subsequent video upload sites, has fewer restrictions according to length and file size, and the finished product is presented in stereo sound (a feature important to Parks).

“Now that many home computers are hooked up to fairly sophisticated sound systems, it’s important to give the viewer the best experience possible”, said Parks, NMATV Executive Director. “Giving the video producer the ultimate flexibility was what I would be looking for, and that’s what NMATV offers both the producer and viewer. Plus the website itself looks really cool.”

NMATV is currently looking for conservative producers looking for a home for their productions, and new channels within the site are definite possibilities for those with consistent uploads. NMATV is also seeking advertisers who would like short commercials to be aired prior to our featured video.

For more information about NMATV, please contact Bob Parks:


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