Now I REALLY Understand the Deal With the AIG Bonuses!

Something has been nagging me about these AIG bonuses. I was driving around town today, doing a few errands when it hit me! 

When you consider people that are very devious, you simply need to look at the END product of their actions. Don’t look at the “process”, so to speak, look at what happens at the end of the process.

Senator Dodd first said he knew nothing about the “language” (don’t you just love when they call it “language”) of the AIG bonuses being included in the bill that the President signed. The next day he said the dude from Treasury made him do it.

Is there possible fall-out for Dodd and Geithner?  Maybe yes, maybe no. Obama says he thinks the world of Geithner so his job looks secure. Some folks are saying Dodd could get a run for his money in 2010 from a Republican who is running even with him in the polls. Do you really think Dodd is worried about that? I’m thinking probably not.

Here’s my point: They lied. So what? They got caught lying. Even bigger so what!


Because, good people, I think they intended ALL ALONG to pay the AIG bonuses! I mentioned in an earlier post that the AIG bonuses are a red herring. My blinding realization today is that they are much more than a red herring!

If you want to jam an enormously ill-conceived budget through the lines, what’s a really great way to do it? Yes, the Prez can go on 60 Minutes and Jay Leno and throw a mostly canned news conference at us. But come on, people, let’s go back to our PR 101 days! Create a diversion AND a controversy that is IN HARMONY with whatever wool you want to pull over the populace’s eyes.

Millions of Americans know in their hearts and souls that AIG is evil. They also know the AIG execs taking these bonuses are pure evil. With this whole AIG scandal stoking the flames, these very same Americans—many of them, at least—consider Wall Street to be crooked, greedy and by golly in need of super regulation! And you know what, they’re not so sure capitalism isn’t evil.

If you wanted to set the stage for a socialist agenda, and you didn’t want the masses taking up pitch forks in opposition, what would you do?

Well, I think I’d make damned sure the AIG bonuses GOT PAID. And I’d consider any short term fall-out associated with that to be a very small sacrifice to pay. 

Yes, let’s get the folks out with the pitch forks, but let’s get them pointing those pitch forks to a group of people who represent ALL THAT’S BAD in this world! Those greedy people who destroyed your retirement! Those corrupt bankers and financiers who screwed over the value of your house! Dang, maybe it is time to consider a socialist, more FAIR approach to things getting done around here.

I think Dodd and Geithner and Obama (and their buds) are a lot smarter than we think.

People, stay focused on where these folks are taking us. Not on the momentary noise and distractions and spin they throw our way.

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