Obama Reading Material

via shaunmiller.files.wordpress.com

The name of the book Obama is carrying is: "The Post-American World."

"Post" America means the world after America.

He was seen reading this in 2008 when he was running for President. 

I'm not sure what he planned to glean from this kind of reading material, but it seems a bit ominous a year and a half later with Obama trying to transform our country into something not recognizable and not wanted by most of us.

Well, he made the always egregious error of trying to jam too much socialism down a country's throat in too short a period of time. In so doing, he galvanized and made millions of Americans politically active. 

The question is not will he make it to another term. He's already assured himself of just the one term. The question is will Congress acquire veto-override power this November? Perhaps not. But let's see how much more alienation Obama and his pals can pull off in the next six months. Who knows? He may go down in history for how much "change" he produced for a mid-term.

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