Over 12,000 Rockets Were Fired Into America!

HamasRocket Over 12,000 rockets have been fired into America. 

About half of them came in from Canada and the other half from Mexico. Thousands of people have been killed and injured, including many children.

It's a shame that both Canada and Mexico have given two terrorist organizations a home in their countries. Canada welcomed Hezbollah and Mexico brought in Hamas.

It all seemed to make sense as it was gradually happening. Give these "disenfranchised" people a place where they can make a fresh start. Learn the ways of democracy.

But few knew that rockets were secretly being funnelled into both Canada and Mexico. And from remote locations, like in the photo above, the rockets were fired into one American city after another.

As the months go by, the range of these rockets increases and no city in the United States is safe from the terror and devastation these rockets produce. 

An entire school in Kansas is decimated. During school hours. 125 children are burned beyond recognition.

In Colorado, a rocket falls in the middle of a crowded mall. On a Saturday afternoon. 

In Texas, a rocket explodes into a stadium filled with college footbal fans.

What kind of response do you think America should take?

How far should America go to defend it's cities from ceaseless rocket attacks? 

How would you feel if the above scenario were truly happening and what would your thoughts be as to how we should deal with it?


Think Israel.

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