Stan Dubin Bio

Stan Dubin is a business owner, author and concerned citizen living in Clearwater, Florida.

“I believe the United States is the greatest nation in the world with no country a close second. Millions of people around the world still dream of the opportunity to live here.

“I also believe the United States is facing another major turning point in its short history. Yes, we have an economy that is in rough shape. But I see a much deeper problem at work. The cultural values that have made this nation very strong are being eroded. And to a very large degree, our current economic woes are a result of this cultural erosion.

“I’m honored to be asked to contribute to this blog. I look forward to bringing forward ideas that will help other Americans examine where our country is headed and to take steps to keep our country strong and its cultural integrity intact.”

Stan is currently the Executive Director of the Employee Testing Center. This company helps business owners hire honest, trustworthy and dependable staff.

He is also a published author. His current titles are:

The Small Business Success Manual


When the Thrill Is Gone

Find out more about Stan at his gateway page.