Stripping Away the Complexities of the Health Care Bill

Here’s an excerpt of an interesting article explaining the key components of the health care bill before Congress:

“When you understand what this bill does, you can see why the Democrats would be happy to compromise and drop the public option—for now. This bill so comprehensively wrecks private health insurance that pretty soon a ‘public option’ will seem like the only alternative, and they will already have put into place one of the new taxes needed to pay for it. If the left’s goal is to impose socialized medicine in America, this bill does it in the most callous and destructive way possible. It smashes private health care—then leaves us stranded in the rubble, at which point we will be expected to come crawling back to the same people who caused the disaster and ask them to save us.”

Click here to read the entire article.


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  1. Jeff O. says:

    That article sums it up quite well. The first thng the leftist idealogue is going to refute this and any rational argument against the proposed reform is the “obscene insurance company profits”. The US spends about $2.5 trillion annually on health care. I’ll bet insurance company profits are well under 5% of that amount. But they just detest that someone makes a profit, period. Then they will talk about all the money wasted on advertising too and how that money could be better spent on something else. What we need is a good basic lesson on capitalism.

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