Subsidiarity…Big Word — Great Meaning!

I’m reading Imprimus, a publication of Hillsdale Collge. The article is about whether we need the Department of Education or not. The article mentions the word “subsidiarity.” The info given is:

On a more philosophical level, the framers of America’s limited government had a broad allegiance to what Catholics call the principle of subsidiarity. In the secular world, the principle of subsidiarity means that local government should do only those things that individuals cannot do for themselves, state government should do only those things that local governments cannot do, and the federal government should do only those things that the individual states cannot do.

This is a great concept.

Our Founders were so ON their game when they put together our founding documents.

The liberal idea of looking to government to solve problems that we can and should solve on our own or by use of local government, this liberal notion has been slowly but surely decaying our political and social structure. They’ll fight tooth and nail to keep that government growing and frankly, it doesn’t matter if they have a (D) or an (R) by their name.

I fully embrace the concept and the application of subsidiarity.

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