The AIG Bonuses Are a Red Herring…

Is it unconscionable for executives who contributed to a major corporate failure to be heavily compensated not long after this failure? Of course.

Should American taxpayer money be used for this absurd compensation? Absolutely not.

But people, let’s step back a minute and look at the bigger picture. We’ll do that by first defining the concept: red herring

“a fact or idea that is not important but is introduced to take your attention away from the points that are important”

There is a good deal we still don’t know about WHO knew about the contractual provisions for the AIG bonuses and WHEN did they know. And we’ll most likely get close to the real answers to those questions as more and more Americans demand that the main stream media wear its watchdog hat for a change.

But these bonuses are a RED HERRING. Let’s put the entire country’s attention on a handful of execs over at AIG and let’s all watch Congress and the White House get super-indignant about this. That makes good press.

But let’s not look at the fact that our government is spending PHENOMENAL amounts of money that we don’t have, for programs we DON’T need and we are being told it’s all being done to “save” our economy. There were and are much simpler, far less expensive ways to truly stimulate the economy if that was the actual intent.

And don’t look now, but there’s hundreds of billions more that they’d like to spend.

The guys at AIG that contributed to the company being bailed out by taxpayers should return their bonuses. That’s the right thing to do there.

But let’s not get thrown off the scent, people. Our government wants to hamstring this country financially for a VERY LONG TIME by their actions of the last few weeks. Don’t let them put your attention elsewhere.

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