The Arrogant Voices of Big Government


I saw this video on Facebook and was compelled to share it here.

There's a certain eloquence when one talks about individual liberties, freedom and personal responsibility.

When folks talk about the need for government to expand and expand and spend and spend, somehow it just sounds so arrogant, self-righteous and self-serving.

We let these guys slowly corrupt many parts of the American fabric. It ain't hard to wrest control from a minority, folks. You just confront what their real intentions are and restore the virtues most people find near and dear.

And you do it on many levels of society: we get liberal think out of the courts, out of our schools, out of our health care, out of our government. Just because they have their hooks into these areas right now does NOT mean they are forever entrenched. Speak up when you see their influence and the next person will speak up with you. And then others will come to your aid and before long, they'll become a point of history. We'll allow them a spot in the history books, but that'll be it.

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