The Mob and The Media

We are seeing thousands of people show up for the Town Hall meetings with their Congressmen. All over America, people who had rarely (or never) voiced their views directly to their political representatives are showing up at Town Hall meetings to do so.

And what became of this remarkable groundswell of participation in the democratic process?

They were called “mobs.” The Speaker of the House used the term “swastika” to describe them. They were accused of being “un-American.” They were told they were part of a right-wing conspiracy, that they were bussed in with the sole purpose of disrupting the Town Hall proceedings.


Double Wow!

How many videos did you see OVER AND OVER again of the same few angry people?

Did you see videos of the thousands of well-behaved people?



Well, first of all, that ain’t news sister.

And secondly, if people were shown videos of thousands upon thousands of people peacefully protesting and making their views known, then the above accusations would lose all credibility.

Yesterday I saw a segment on MSNBC. It showed a very emotional man trying to get something communicated to Senator Specter at a Pennsylvania Town Hall gathering. He wasn’t really able to pull it off, so MSNBC brought him to their studios to interview him directly. Hmm. I was wondering why MSNBC was willing to give this chap top billing when he had something potentially derogatory to say about Senator Specter.

But it very quickly became clear why MSNBC did this. This concerned American had a tough time articulating what he wanted Senator Specter to know and MSNBC wanted to embarrass him on national TV. They let him talk for quite some time and the intent was obvious. He was the “type” of person that MSNBC wanted to put forward as opposed to the health care “reform” being put together in Congress. 

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the mainstream
media has discarded the mantle of journalistic integrity. They wanted
Obama in the White House. And now that he’s there, they’re going to do
their darndest to help his policies along. Make that, to RAM HIS
POLICIES down our throats…if possible.

But there IS a fly in the ointment.

And that fly is YOU.

The main stream media loses readers and viewers every day. Stats don’t lie. While they head down the tubes, don’t be surprised if they push their ideology on the American public harder and harder. They’ll do it by showing you over and over the controversial and the emotional, while steadfastly ignoring what the mammoth majority are busy doing peacefully.

They’ll dutifully omit to tell you many important things. They did it during the campaign. They’re doing it now. Some of them know they are doing it and are being compelled to do so. Others have committed so many transgressions in this area, that they lost all powers of observation. But as the days and weeks roll by, more and more people — inside and outside of the media — are realizing the media’s bias.

So while that ship is sinking, keep your eye on the mountain. The vast majority of people in this country do NOT want to be micro-managed by their government. The vast majority of people in this country want what’s in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.

Keep speaking your mind and your elected officials will listen or be looking for a job next election day.

The mainstream media?

Just chuckle.

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