The More the Far Left Speaks, The More Votes They Produce for Conservatives

Nancy pelosi The tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona, reminds me of a realization I had recently:

Millions of Americans hit the polls in Nov, 2010 and the message was loud and clear. They do not want what the far left is pushing. No need to produce a detailed list here, you know what I mean.

But what is incredibly refreshing is the sheer number of Americans who are fed up with the ways of the left and the means at which the left tries to get things done.

Americans have woken up, are getting educated and they are getting active.

And their numbers are growing.

I believe we are approaching a tipping point where the deception of the left — whether it comes from an individual politician or a mainstream media source —there are now so many Americans who SEE THROUGH THE BS, that the more dishonest and disingenuous the far left gets, the more votes they produce for conservatives and Tea Party candidates.

And therefore I say to my liberal pals, keep up the rhetoric. Please, please keep it up. The more you run it, the more votes come out of the woodwork for folks who are onto your game. 

This didn't used to be the case. The mainstream media and the far left were able to quietly and insidiously insert their ways, their policies and their beliefs onto a sleeping America. They made major headway. Adversely affected: schools, the justice system, politics, the economy, the environment, the family unit, etc. etc. etc.

But America ain't asleep no more.

Note to far left elitists: Keep telling the world that the deranged shooter in Arizona was influenced in some way by conservative thought or conservative individuals. Keep on communicating that line. You gotta love when the hard work is done by the other side. 

The more the far left pushes its agenda, the more it tries to deceive in the media, the more Americans wake up, the more they take note. 

A friend of mine put together a new bumper sticker:

WARNING: 2012 Elections Are Closer Than They Appear

Ain't that the truth.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Sunshine is the best disenfectant. Keep up the good work Stan.

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