The Party of No!

You may have heard the Republicans in Congress referred to as “The Party of No.” Nice slogan of course, but I was driving around in my selfish SUV today thinking of how I would respond if a compassionate liberal were to angrily throw that phrase my way. And I figured it out.

Let’s say there’s a house on fire. A person comes running up and starts throwing diesel fuel on the fire. Another person enters the scene and says, “No! Don’t throw diesel on that fire!”

So the person stops with the diesel and finds himself a blow torch. Using that on the fire, the concerned bystander says even louder this time, “No! Don’t use a blow torch!”

And one last time, our blow torch and diesel-using lad gets regular, old unleaded gas and starts throwing that on the fire. And one more time he hears, “No! You can’t do that!”

That’s as simple as it gets people. We don’t want a minority viewpoint in this country using fire to put out a fire. And if they do, they’ll hear the word, “No.” And then the word, “No.” And if there was any hearing difficulties the first couple of times, they’ll also hear, “No!”

Now that we understand why the word “No” is used often with liberal attempts to jam unwanted legislation down the throats of a majority of Americans who want no part of their hope and change, we should examine the next slogan our liberal-minded benefactors use: “They have no ideas.”

You gotta love ’em.

They think they have a mandate because of what happened in the 2008 elections. If they came even remotely close to delivering on what they campaigned on, they’d be in clover.

So here’s a question: why do you think they tried SO HARD to rush several enormous societal-changing bills through in the first few months?

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.

Because they knew the country wouldn’t stand for it if/when they found out what they were really up to. And they thought they could use slogans like: “Party of No” and “They have no ideas” to cover their tracks.

Fortunately for you, good reader, and for millions of other caring, thinking Americans, we caught on sooner than they thought we would.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Along the same lines…here’s a novel idea: let’s elect people smart enough, disciplined enough and confident enough to not do anything! In other words, let’s stop the endless tinkering, engineering, patching, transformation and all of it. At best, elect someone who will simply undo all the bad stuff that has already been done. Let the people figure it out on their own. I bet the results would surprise our elitist friends.

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