The Real Fallout from the Bogus Climate Change Movement

As the evidence mounts of the fraud involved from the “climate warming” movement, I realized what those guys really did. Yes, the movement’s leaders were extremely unethical. Yes, they wanted to appropriate billions, eventually trillions to alter the planet based on bogus science. Yes, they wanted to redistribute the wealth. And yes, scientists sold their souls for dollars and limelight.

But there’s a very important part of our world that these extreme environmentalists threw under the bus. 

The environment.

Instead of focusing on the real problems we have, they wanted a political, ideological and eventually a social victory. And they wanted the big bucks that went along with it. 

So instead of folks concentrating on the things we can and should do to clean up our rivers and lakes, improve air quality, these guys went for the big banana. Unfortunately for the rivers and lakes, the big banana was a sham. 

I’m hoping the sham doesn’t reduce our desire and commitment to fix the things our planet needs fixing. 

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