The Smoking Guns Just Keep on Coming

031208_obama_wrightvia A group of liberal journalists in 2008 sought to sweep under the rug the Rev. Jeremiah Wright scandal that threatened to derail then-Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller, an online publication founded by Tucker Carlson, a conservative contributor for Fox News. 

Check out the rest of the article. And here's a link to an article in which this same group of "journalists" discussed ways to get the government to shut down Fox News. 

When the Japanese finished bombing Pearl Harbor, one of Admiral Yamamoto's subordinates said, "Admiral, we have accomplished a great victory today!" 

The Admiral responded, "I believe we have only awakened a sleeping giant."

Obama, Reid and Peliosi delivered a great service to America. Instead of continuing along on liberals' slow, gradual erosion of the American way of life, they accelerated their agenda in such an obvious way, they awoke millions upon millions of Americans. Those millions will hit the streets; they'll hit the voting polls; they'll run for local offices themselves. The "folks" know now what the liberal game has been. And there's plenty of decent Americans who still  believe in the Constitution to be willing to take the country back. Oops, did I say we're in the majority?

The liberal "journalists" mentioned in this story? Thank you guys for being so stupid to record what so many of us already knew. Keep those "smoking guns" coming! 

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