THE Way to Handle the Mainstream Media

To some, maybe many of you, this is going to sound simplistic. I will agree it is indeed simple, but often the most powerful things in life are very simple. I only ask that you bear with me and read all the way through.

I hear over and over: “The mainstream media is so biased!”

Every day I hear of another example of the New York Times, Washington Post or CNN “reporting” something partially untrue or completely untrue.

Conservative pundits go on and on about how unfair this is. Conservative politicians diplomatically (or not so diplomatically) complain about the press coverage from the mainstream media.

Frankly, it’s like a broken record.

What I haven’t heard in all of this noise and complaining is a solution. I haven’t heard what we should do about it.

Well, I know exactly what we should do about it.

We’re all familiar with how Democrats run in packs. They get their talking points and then off they go to parrot them. And their media buddies do the same. We’ve seen it over and over.

This works for them. It works very well.

And it can work for us without any loss of individualism or integrity.

Every time the mainstream media shows bias by 1) covering a story with their usual slant or 2) omitting to cover an important story or a perspective on a story because of their liberal prejudice—every time this happens, we speak up.

And, when I say “we speak up” I don’t mean being reactive and complaining about it. I mean taking a VERY pro-active approach. Instead of constantly being on defense, we play offense. And with the playbook outlined in this post, we’ll make major headway.


CNN makes a comment about the Veterans Administration that attempts to lay blame on President Bush. No blame is laid at the feet of the current president. Senator Mike Lee, Senator Marco Rubio, or Congressman Trey Gowdy calls CNN and demands to be put on the record (or on the air) to respond to the biased report.

And of course, there are many other Senators and/or Congressmen that can make this call.


The key to this is that it’s done with intense regularity.

Conservatives are not a herd, but when it comes to media bias, they can certainly act with a strong measure of unity.

The word gets out to all conservative politicians at the national, state and local levels. Whenever a biased report hits, there is someone or several someones contacting that news agency and demanding to be put on the record.

The word gets out further and further.

Conservative politicians at all levels get themselves interviewed on the radio, on television and in print. It doesn’t matter if they’re Tea Party Republicans or Establishment Republicans or somewhere in between. ALL Republicans have a common interest in getting the media to report fairly. Libertarian politicians who recognize the importance of an unbiased media can and should also make these calls.

Why will this work?

Because up until now, the mainstream media has just operated unchecked. They not only give a pass to liberal politicians, they give a pass to themselves. They do this because they really don’t care about our incessant complaining.

But they will have to respond to the continual requests and demands to be put on the record and requests and demands to be interviewed on the air.

The producer at MSNBC gets a call from Congressman Trey Gowdy who wants to be interviewed on the air to respond to something he just heard.

Senator Rand Paul gives the Washington Post a well articulated Op-Ed piece that is in response to a very biased Op-Ed that the Post ran two days prior.

Senator Lee calls CBS and asks to respond to a segment they just did on the Federal Reserve.

A Milwaukee radio station gets a call from Scott Walker. The Governor wants to respond to a talk show host who was criticizing the Governor’s fiscal policies. The criticisms contained numerous falsehoods. Governor Walker is on the phone wanting to respond.

A Republican City Councilman in Los Angeles calls the LA Times and asks to be interviewed about a Times report on the need for new regulations on local businesses.

In the above examples and in countless other examples, we do NOT wait to be put on the record or interviewed on the air, we causatively make it happen.

And we do so with intense regularity.

Slowly but surely, our message gets through. Yes, the mainstream media will attempt to alter these communications. We know this. It doesn’t matter. We just keep on confronting all of the various mainstream media outlets.

I realize we already do some of this. But nowhere near enough to reach critical mass with the media. Yes, we should all pro-actively confront the media when they show their bias. But the media outlets can tell ordinary folks with conservative views: “send a ‘letter to the editor’ and we’ll see about publishing it.”

If, however, our leading voices and politicians do this—again, at all levels—it will be very hard for the media to send these requests to the circular file.

We need to stop the incessant complaining.

We need to get to work on responding directly and forcing the media to wear its hat properly.

An essential element of our Republic is a press that does it’s job. We can complain about the job they are doing or we can take these steps to force them to do their job. The more we do this, the more truth we put in front of them, the more this will snow ball. Cracks will show up in their liberal armor and more and more truth will get aired and printed.

The reason this will succeed is in the very nature of how truth works. It has considerably more power than lies and half truths.

There are times when the truth must be wielded with intensity and pace for its power to work. (Tweet this)

This is one of those times.

Yes, I realize we’re not going to deal with every instance of liberal bias in the press. The message here is simple: we quit complaining and we get out there in ever-increasing numbers…and respond!

A few days ago was the 70th anniversary of D-Day. To preserve our freedoms, our brave boys ran straight into horrific machine gun fire and they made their way through land mines and artillery. Well, we can certainly suck it up and confront the mainstream media.

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