Thuggery — Four Reasons Obama and Friends Are on Board With Thuggery

The way I see it, there's four great reasons for Obama and his folks to employ Chicago style thuggery:

1) It has a long history of "working." 

Intimidating and bullying your opponents can have superb short term gains. Unfortunately, an advantageous percentage of folks just cave when someone's got a hammer to their head.

2) MANY Americans would never believe thug politics is being used by Obama and his buds.

It would just be unreal to a lot of Americans, especially those who did not want to hear a single disparaging word about their leader while on their way to the ballot box. 

I have two close friends, VERY bright people, who voted for Obama. One told me he voted for him because he was black, plain and simple, and because it harkened back to his (my friend's) days helping wit the Civil Rights movement. My other friend voted for Obama because he wasn't George Bush. Both have told me they deeply regretted voting for someone who demonstrated such dishonesty and corruption once in office.

And more and more decent Americans are having buyer's remorse and this means more of us will make darned sure we know who we're putting in office…and not just in 2012, but most definitely in November, 2010.

But there's still a LOT of folks out there who consider the man is doing a great job…or at least a good enough job that they still believe in him. Does this contingent think he's employing Chicago-style thuggery? That thought would have a very, very, very hard time entering their consciousness.

3) It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

When you've come up the ranks with Saul Alinsky as your teacher and you firmly believe in the ends justifying the means, you're just accustomed to getting your way any old way you can. And if it means lying and bullying and more lying and that's how you've conducted business for many years, well, you just can't take the stripes off the zebra.

4) Because it appears to be working in present time.

I know, this sounds an awful lot like the first reason. But hear me out. They managed to pass an enormously unpopular health care bill and they managed to pass a financial regulations bill that would be just as enormously unpopular if enough Americans had the time, patience and stomach to understand what's in the bill.


So what happens? The thugs realize: THEY CAN WIN. They do NOT, repeat do NOT care that they're creating legislation that most Americans strongly oppose. Don't forget: they know better than us. But it goes much deeper than that. They figure, with the full arsenal of Chicago-style thuggery at their disposal, they figure they'll lie their way to keeping their power come November. They'll create some scandal, they'll hurl one black propaganda campaign after another at us with the belief they'll be able to keep their seats in Congress. 

Failing that, the Prez is always around to give them an "appointed" seat near him if they lose at the ballot box.

So, the thugs see thuggery working in present time. 

As long as we keep a clear eye to who we're dealing with and what they're REALLY up to, we can convince enough folks to vote them out in Nov and eventually eradicate forever their way of doing things. The light of truth always, always, ALWAYS sets things straight. You've just got to bring enough of it to bear.

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