“To Save America” – Newt’s New Book


Newt has a new book out, entitled “To Save America, Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine.”

There’s a particular quote I’d like to mention:

“One of the most disturbing developments in modern American political life has been the rise of an anti-democratic political machine that increasingly controls Washington, many state capitals, and many cities and counties.

“A political machine does not care about popular opinion. In fact, its very reason for being is to crush such opinion by the weight of organized money and manpower. And when it can’t crush public opinion, it seeks simply to outlast it.

“Patience is the key to a political machine’s survival. People get angry at politicians and they vote (as in the 2009 California spending and taxing referendum) or they turn out for tea parties (as hundreds of thousands did that spring). But they tend to go back to their daily routines. Having expressed themselves, they think politicians will listen. And while we are engaged in our daily business, we forget that the business of a political machine is surviving in power.”

Newt is making an incredibly important point here. People DO get angry at politicians and they do express their dissatisfaction in a variety of ways: letters, emails and faxes to their representatives; showing up for tea parties; talking it up with their friends and families.

But it’s vital we understand the purpose of this secular-socialist machine: it’s purpose is TO SURVIVE. And often that’s done simply by “outlasting” the opposition. The folks in power are doing everything they can to increase the size and power of their machine – THIS IS WHAT THEY DO FOR A LIVING. 

We, however, have lives…you know, we go to work every day and do our part to create some prosperity for ourselves and others. The guys operating the secular-socialist machine, their purpose is to STAY IN POWER. 

I think it’s brilliant that Newt says (finally) that they don’t care about popular opinion. I say “finally” because Newt has never been as strong and as incisive about the secular-socialist threat than he is in his new book. In the past, he was too diplomatic and frankly too soft on this issue. Perhaps he didn’t think the concept of socialism making its way into American life wasn’t an accepted fact by enough people for him to speak directly to this. 

But I digress, and he is speaking directly now and I enormously appreciate it.

Here’s the main point. We can NOT just go back to work. We can NOT simply voice
Green-bay-tea-party-pictureour anger a few times here and there. These guys do NOT care about what you and I think. They’re there to outlast us and they’ve got a ton of dough and manpower, as Newt indicates, to do just that. 

How do we deal with this machine? Do we go after it directly? Do we go around it? What’s the best approach to dismantling this machine.

Well, first and foremost, is to be aware of this machine’s existence, its purpose and how it goes about its business. Get a copy of Newt’s book. Give it a read. Get copies for your friends and family. 

Steel yourself to the fact that this ain’t going to happen by showing up for a few rallies here and there. These guys are not going down without a fight. They’ll use every tool of deception, misrepresentation and corruption to get what they want. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their radical cohorts have demonstrated over and over they do not care about majority public opinion. 

Many of us have sat around wondering how could that be? 

Well, it’s simply because they don’t.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I just started reading the Gingrich book a few days ago. You have nailed it here Stan. Newt has been around and understands the games they play in DC. He knows what is at stake. This book establishes him as the political wise man of the right. Everyone should listen to what he has to say. He could even be a Presidential candidate, although I do like Chris Christie from NJ too, but it is early.

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