What Does Scott Brown’s Win in Massachusetts Mean?

by Stan Dubin

I believe the message being sent to our ‘leaders’ in D.C. is this: 

It’s not the fringe who oppose the last year’s worth of political shenanigans, corruption and arrogance; it’s not crazy people, it’s not radical nut cases — it’s a growing number of hard-working, caring, thoughtful Americans who will come out in droves in Nov if you don’t shift gears soon. 

You got a chance Prez to do some of the things you promised…personally, I don’t think he genuinely cares what Americans communicate at the ballot box, he successfully hoodwinked them in 08 and his adherence to his ideology rivals Crazy Glue.

Ideology can be a real crippler. I wrote an earlier blog post on this – I believe ideologues in Washington will still try to ram enormously unpopular legislation down our proverbial throats. Scott Brown’s win may cause them to rethink their tactics, but the strategy will remain the same: they know better than ordinary Americans.

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