What’s With the Bashing of President Obama?

Barack Obama has been in office 50 days and conservatives are all over the air waves giving him a pounding. And some (possibly many) are asking, "Why are you bashing the guy so much? Give him a chance!"

I think an analogy is in order.

A new coach is hired for the college football team. A few weeks into it the following has occurred:

  1. He's penalized several of the most productive players on the team. The quarterback who had a great season last year, the very productive running back and several defensive players who also excelled last year have all been informed that they will have to share some of their productivity with the other players. They are told that any efforts to excel beyond a certain point will need to be shared with other players. It's for "the good of the team," they are told. They are confused but, hey, he's the coach.
  2. The new coach has made arrangements to purchase an enormous number of things the team does not actually need. He has put the team's operating budget into a severe deficit by doing this. Once again, many are perplexed, but again…he's the coach.
  3. Prior to the new coach being hired by the college, he was thoroughly interviewed regarding his plans for the team. He made numerous and very specific promises to the college Athletic Director and the Dean. A few weeks later, several of these promises have been clearly broken. The new coach looks straight into the face of the Athletic Director and says without flinching, "I have kept all of my promises."
  4. One of the promises the new coach made was to bring integrity and transparency to the team. However, the new coach has hired some additional staff who have questionable records. Four of them have recent coaching violations. Again people are scratching their heads. But again the refrain is given: "He's the coach!"

End of analogy.

As the days and weeks roll by, people who thought Barack Obama was going to be a "moderate" or "centrist" President are now realizing that a different Obama is in office. For the life of me, I cannot understand why these people are surprised. If you had examined Obama's upbringing, his voting record, his connections you would NOT be surprised by anything that he's doing in office.

One huge problem during the presidential campaign was the unwillingness on the part of the main stream media to CLOSELY examine Obama. We have counted on the media through the centuries to send their dogs out and dig up anything and everything so the American people could know who their Commander-In-Chief would be. This wasn't done with Obama with anything close to the ferocity we are accustomed to.

A segment of the voting bloc DID know what Obama stood for. They were not mesmerized by his oratory skills. They knew the man was on the extreme left of the political spectrum. His voting record and connections confirmed this. This same segment also knew Obama had NEVER run a business, a city, a state…anything. Unfortunately, our watchdog (the media) did not come through for us.

Senator Obama, now President Obama had AND HAS a certain ideology. He is driven by this. He is intent on transforming this country. For those who are keen on the government taking care of many of their needs: health care, college tuition, housing — for those it's a great transformation.

President Obama will not stop there folks. He will attempt to transform the social and cultural fabric of this country. The productive elements of our country will be the first to be penalized. And it won't be just a "small increase" in their tax burden. More changes will come that will erode large areas of productivity because of his compelling ideological need to redistribute the country's wealth. You think that's done with a simple tax increase on those making $250,000 and more?

Do not hold your breath. It's coming.

Unless of course enough people step back and realize the new coach is on his way to dismantling the team by penalizing the productive players, driving the team into massive debt and promising transparency while delivering just the opposite.

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