When Did Things Go Off the Rails for the Left?

There was a point in time…in the first year in Obama’s presidency…when the Dems changed their method of operation. For the longest time (decades actually), their method was subtle, slow, and inconspicuous. It worked. For many years.

Obama changed the MO. His arrogance was too great to be able to continue the slow, but successful, course.

To cover for the anointed one, the word came down the line, “it’s okay to  lie, even blatantly if necessary. We’ve got an enormous mouthpiece supporting our beliefs. We’re going to ram unwanted legislation down their throats. We’re going to make as many wholesale changes as we can. Don’t worry about what you have to say. If you say it loud enough and often enough, we’ll continue to have the votes we need to stay in power.”

I praise Obama for changing that MO. He was a huge contributor to creating the lightning rod for the Tea Party, the 2010 sea change in the House, and all that’s coming…including a landslide victory for Romney.

Obama could’ve played the game as it had been being played (slow and insidious) and he’d have his second term. He also would’ve had the House still.


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