Why Does His Incompetence Shock You?

What part of Barack Obama's experiential track gives you hope or assurance that he'd know how to deal with an oil spill that could ravage hundreds of miles of shoreline and ruin the future livelihood of thousands, possibly tens of thousands of Americans?

What part of his background do you turn to for guidance here?

Is it his community organizing in Chicago? 

His work as an attorney?

Perhaps his years as a senator for the state of Illinois.

Or his short years as a U.S. Senator. When he voted more liberal than every other Senator but one. Okay, how he voted in the U.S. Senate doesn't really apply here, but for some, it does.

Wait a second. There was the time he ran a presidential campaign. While out campaigning, someone mentioned (to Obama) Sarah Palin's record in terms of running a city as a mayor, running the state of Alaska and other roles she had where she actually RAN something. His response was: "I'm running a campaign!"

I for one am NOT shocked. I'm not even surprised. Not in the slightest. I've been a business owner for virtually my entire adult life and I know what it takes to make all of the facets of a business work. I know what it takes to not just survive as a business owner, but to actually flourish. 

Did I say flourish? I've got to watch what I say. Hard-working Americans who flourish is not a good thing in the eyes of our President, except when they are targets to help redistribute the wealth.

But I digress. 

President Obama is completely backed off from handling this crisis because…hold your breath…because he hasn't a clue what to REALLY do about this. 

No, I'm not demanding the guy be a oceanographer, or an expert in oil rigs or even knowledgeable in oil spills. I'm not demanding expertise in these areas. I'm demanding, as are millions of Americans, he display some competence as a leader.

President Obama, instead of going around the country fund-raising for your political supporters; instead of having all kinds of folks visit and hob-knob with you in the White House; instead of you deflecting attention with classless accusations about the Arizona law; instead, instead, instead you should've headed to the Gulf of Mexico RIGHT AWAY.

You should've set up shop and garnered the entire resources at the President's disposal. You should've gotten the advice from people who KNOW how to handle these things. You should've given Governor Jindal what he needed WHEN he needed it. 

There are SO MANY THINGS you could've and should've done from DAY ONE, Mr. President. Instead, you placed blame. You ranted on and on about BP this and BP that. All well and good if you're trying to placate your liberal base, Mr. President, but it doesn't actually GET ANYTHING DONE! (minor note: most of us out here are NOT your liberal base. Like 80% of us.)

You sent your Attorney General out to deflect attention by going legal before the bloody mishap is even taken care of. You've made this tragedy political, Mr. President, and that was the very last thing that was needed here.

What was needed was you THERE. 


Getting this done and that done. 

Our shores could be destroyed for years to come and you're vacationing in Chicago?

So I ask again:

Why does his incompetence shock you?

There was never an indication he could actually govern and now the country he pledged to safeguard is being damaged as he again fails the litmus test.

Please stop with the daily speeches, Mr. President. Please turn off your teleprompter for a bit and help us out here. Get out of the blame game and just take responsibility and carry out your job description. Use the enormous power of your office for effective action, not politics. We need a hand here.

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